John Deere GX345


The John Deere GX345 spectacés is another GX series machine with a 20 hp engine. Use a FD611V Kawasaki engine that provides 20 hp to propel its wheels and cutting platform. This bicylindrical engine is a bit different from the John Deere GX325 or the John Deere GX335, since it is refrigerated by liquid instead of air. The liquid cooling system that it uses has a capacity for 3. 1 liters of refrigerant and needs to be reviewed quite regularly to ensure that it is at the right levels. The engine needs to fill with 1. 9 liters of oil from vacuum to maintain a decent lubrication level and avoid wear of the parts.

The automatic transmission of the John Deere GX345 is very comfortable, since the operator only needs to use 2 pedals to control the speed and if it advances or goes back. This Twin Touch technology used in the transmission of this John Deere host makes its handling very simple. But there are many more characteristics that make its operation also very pleasant. The JD GX345 has a cruise control that is especially useful when large grass extensions are cut and you do not want to have the foot on the pedals constantly controlling the speed.

The john deere gx345 frame is made of hig h-resistance soldier steel without screwed unions. This means that the probability that any of the connections is loosening is practically nil. To cut the grass you can choose between a 48 and 5 4-inch cutting platform. These cutting platforms can be adjusted from 1 to 4 inches above the ground.

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