John Deere 2141


The John Deere 2141 tractor was manufactured in South Africa, at the Nigel production facility. This tractor had a 6 year production run from 1982 until production ceased in 1987. The tractor is powered by an ADE designed and manufactured engine. It is a liquid-cooled diesel engine. The engine has 4 cylinders, giving it a total displacement of 3. 9 liters. It has a regime of 2300 RPM. Air intake into the engine passes through a replaceable dry-type air filter that prevents dust and other particles known to severely disrupt the combustion process and even clog the engine from entering. The maximum power of the engine is 76. 4 hp.

The engine transfers power to the wheels of the John Deere 2141 through a gearbox that provides 8 speeds when moving forward and 4 when in reverse. The JD 2141’s engine also drives the rear hitch. The tractor was originally available with 2 different chassis options, a 4X2 2WD chassis and a 4X4 MFWD 4WD chassis. The 2WD chassis gives the tractor a total weight of 3538 kg (7800 lbs). The 4WD chassis option gives the tractor a total weight of 3946 kg (8, 700 lbs). There are a number of attachments and attachments that are compatible with the JD 2141. These range from the obvious like a front end loader to less used ones like rotovators (cultivators).

The John Deere 2141 tractor comes with an open cockpit or the option of a cab. People who have bought it with an open cockpit have been known to later add a roll bar. You can review the JD 2141 tractor below using the form. Be sure to mention any accessories or implements you use with it to give people an idea of what it’s capable of.

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