John Deere GT325


The John Deere GT325 mower is considered one of the larger John Deere GT series mowers, it has a similar sized engine to the John Deere GT275. It is a Kawasaki gasoline engine that produces 17 hp. This motor drives both the deck and the wheels of the JD GT325. The transmission used in the GT325 is hydrostatic, which makes it much easier to operate than if it had gears. This is because the hydrostatic transmission makes it an automatic.

There are a number of different accessories that are compatible with the John Deere GT325 Garden Tractor Lawn Mower. These include John Deere snow blowers, front blades and brushcutters which can be attached to the front of the machine, while at the rear you have the option of a bagger to collect the grass clippings you have just cut. There are also other rear mounted implements that are compatible with the JD GT325. These include things like steps, scrapers, and utility carts that add to the overall functionality of the mower.

Because the John Deere GT325 mower is quite large, it is more commonly used by professional landscapers and landscape contractors than by the average homeowner, simply due to its size. If you own one or have in the past owned one, tractor review readers would greatly appreciate learning what experiences you had with it, from what problems you had with it to what modifications you made to what implements you use with it.

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