John Deere 5093E


The John Deere 5093E is not the best known utilitarian tractor of JD. It is a versatile machine that is very practical in small farms in which it is necessary to perform a wide variety of tasks. Like all JD utilitarian tractors, the JD 5093E is compatible with a wide range of implements and accessories ranging from the obvious (frontal loaders, backhoes, etc.) to the not so obvious (snow blowers, rotary brooms, etc.).

Unlike many JD tractors, the John Deere 5093E is built with an engine made by John Deere. It is a Powertech diesel engine that pumps 93 hp. The 4-cylinder engine is turbocharged and has a 4. 5-liter displacement. It is refrigerated by liquid and uses a dr y-type air filter to purify the air of all particles before they enter the engine. The power reaches the wheels after first passing through a Powreverser transmission. This Powrreverser transmission offers JD 5093E 12 speeds in advance and 12 also in reverse. This allows the tractor to reach a maximum speed of 36 km/h forward. The fuel tank supplied to the tractor may contain up to 126. 8 liters.

Other tractors similar to John Deere 5093E of the 5000 series are the John Deere 5083E and the John Deere 5085m. Unfortunately, these machines are not so powerful. If you plan to use this tractor in very cold areas, then you may be interested in buying the cold weather pack that includes a motor block heater and a preheater of air intake. If you own a JD 5093e and would like others to know about ownership of one, then please leave a comment below. Be sure to mention what he likes and what he does not like to possess it, as well as the accessories he uses with him.

3 Reviews of the John Deere 5093E

I bought a 2011 used in 2013, with 200 hours. It was a great purchase, compared to the sale price at the dealership. During the 4 years of use of our 5093e in a ranch, we could not be more satisfied.

Very good experience so far. The controls are well designed and easy to use. Power Reverser transmission saves a lot of time. Very impressed with the engine and transmission. The cabin is, in my opinion, the best of its class. Extremely comfortable and with good visibility. The capacity of the hydraulic system is much greater than I will ever need, the operation is fast and soft. In the case of the loader, almost too fast sometimes, but I have not become accustomed at all. The telescopic straps of the thre e-point hitch facilitate implements. I have not had to use the MFWD much but when I have done it hard and save time. In general, I think this tractor is a good value, even taking into account its high purchase price.

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