Cub Cadet SLTX1050


The Cub Cadet SLTX1050 cadet is a large and powerful machine capable of cutting quickly and efficiently large grass extensions thanks to its 5 0-inch width cut platform. This large cutting platform in SLTX 1050 is built from the resistant steel of the 1 2-caliber to help prevent any important deviation or damage of the way that occurs. The driving system used to turn each of the 3 blades transfers power to them via a Kevla r-based strap that has a massively long operation. The Platform of the Corteped will virtually never scraped its grass thanks to the intelligent placement of 4 small wheels on the outer edges of the platform, as well as a roller in the front of the cutting platform to keep it high above the grass. There is also an optional mulching kit that can get this cadet cub cubal that effectively crush the grass cuts so that they decompose rapidly instead of resting on the top of the grass.

The CUB Cadet SLTX1050 is operated by a robust engine of the Courage Vmel cylinder that has been built by Kohler. This Kohler engine has a power of 25 hp to provide the appropriate power to the blades. It also transfers the power to the wheels of the SLTX 1050 through a hydrostatic transmission, which makes this corteped automatic.

The Cub Cadet SLTX1050 cadet is well designed for small gardens and grass areas, since its minimum turn radius is only 0. 3 m (12 inches), which allows you to enter and quickly and quickly and quickly leave narrow places. But SLTX 1050 is also suitable for cutting large grass extensions, such as game fields, thanks to its maximum speed of 8. 4 km/h and the availability of cruise control. Do not forget that you can also attach implements such as quotes, front blades, cars and sprayers to increase their functionality. You may be interested in the Cub Cadet LTX1046 or CUB Cadet LTX1050 cadet tractors if this is too big for your needs.

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