John Deere Gator TE


The John Deere Gator TE 4×2 is very different from the John Deere Gator XUV 825i or the John Deere Gator XUV 855D or even the John Deere Gator XUV 855D 4×4. The main reason is obviously the fact that it is not diesel (or gasoline) powered, but gets its power from a 48 volt electrical system using 8 Trojan T 105 batteries. The fact that it is an electric car has abig advantage: acceleration. It can accelerate much faster than an equivalent gasoline or diesel engine. However, since it is an electric battery, it is more difficult to calculate how much energy is left in the battery. In addition, it takes a long time to fully recharge (12 hours), while with a conventional engine, it is enough to add gasoline every time you need to refuel.

The John Deere Gator TE is well designed and has large tires that offer plenty of grip and traction, but don’t dig into turf easily and potentially leave unsightly tracks. The rear wheels are the largest, measuring 25×12-9 (25-inch diameter, 12-inch wide, 9-inch rim diameter) while the front wheels are slightly smaller, measuring 22. 5×10-8 (22. 5-inch diameter, 10-inch width, 8-inch rim diameter).

The top speed of the John Deere Gator TE is 15 mph (24 kph) while in reverse it can reach a top speed of 14. 5 kph (9 mph). The JD TE Gator is a great little machine to have around your farm. One annoying thing though is that when you want to make a turn on it, the machine will automatically slow down in order to protect the electric drivetrain. This is a feature of the John Deere TE that can quickly become irritating. Other than that, this 4×2 utility car is another high-quality product from the John Deere team.

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