John Deere D130


The John Deere D130 is a great step forward with respect to the John Deere D120 in terms of engine size, although it is not as large as the John Deere D140. The JD D130 engine is a Briggs and Stratton 40. This has a 0. 7-liter motor size that gives the 22HP machine to move forward and operate the top platform. The air that enters the engine is filtered first through a cartridge air filter before entering the combustion chamber. The engine is cooled by air and needs 1. 9 liters of oil to guarantee its lubrication throughout the operation. It is launched by a 12 volt battery. This 12 V battery is loaded by an alternator of 9 amps.

The power of the motor in the John Deere D130 is transferred through the 4×2 2WD chassis through a Kizaki Torq T40 transmission which means that there is no manual gear change required. Instead, it has infinite advances of progress and setback. The JD D130 Radio is very low, 0. 46 m (18 inches), which allows it to use it efficiently in narrow and complicated gardens. You will find that the majority of the cutcases that have a small rotation radius and automatic transmissions have been designed for use in uncomfortable and unequal gardens that many turns, advances and setbacks require.

The John Deere D130 cut platform has a 4 2-inch cutting width, although when it is attached to the machine, it gives a total width of 1. 32 m (52 inches). The total length of the JD D130 without accessories is 1. 88 m (74 inches). It weighs 217 kg and has a height of 1. 17 m. If you are interested in knowing more about this machine, see the official John Deere website, by clicking here.

15 Reviews of the John Deere D130

Cost Cost 2k Ad’s another $ 1400 for the 2 covers that I had to buy now less than 400 hours. Once the tractor breaks in me I will move on to another brand that has a better cover

Everything is fine, but gauge gas.

Works like a deere

Until now I think it’s a great value

Terrible cutting cutting … does not give a uniform cut … chops to its yard …………

Once I understood its oddities, it is a very good machine.

I have always liked the team John Deere and I will continue to buy them when I need them. I would buy this machine again knowing what I know today.

I’m lovin ‘it. My family has been the owner of Sermadores John Deere since 1964 and I have only had another 2 deres to replace the old ones. I am proud to say that now I have my own. I love D-1330. Keep working that good.

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