John Deere 85F


The John Deere 85F is the medium tractor for orchards and vineyards of the F series of tractors John Deere. The smallest model is the John Deere 76F tractor, while the largest is the tractor John Deere 100F. It can already guess, only by name, that the engine that drives the JD 85F produces 85 hp. This engine is manufactured by VM, which is a subsidiary of General Motors. It is specifically a Detroit Diesel model. It is a 4-cylinder model refrigerated by liquid that has a scope of 2. 7 liters. The engine is also turbocharged. The fuel tank of this model has a capacity of up to 60 liters (16 gallons USA) of diesel. The engine also has a silencer to avoid excessive noise.

Anyone who sees the John Deere 85F will quickly realize that it is not an “agricultural” tractor. The main reason is the low profile so that it can easily pass through the orchards without being trapped in the low branches that hang. There are 2 gearbox options in JD 85F. The first is a Syncshutle transmission that provides the tractor 8 marches forward and backward. The second is also a Syncshuttle gearbox that provides 16 marches forward and 8 for reverse. The engine starts with a 12 volt battery.

When buying the new tractor, you can choose between an open driving position with an antivuelco bar (Rops) or a cabin with integrated Rops. If you have previously or had a John Deere 85F, then let others know it. Leaving a comment below can help people find out if JD 85F is a quality tractor that will benefit them and their agricultural needs.

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