John Deere 8400


The John Deere 8400 is a massive pull tractor from JD. It had a production run of 4 years, from 1995 to 1999, when production ceased. It was later replaced by the John Deere 8410. The smallest version of the JD 8400 is the John Deere 8300. All production of the John Deere 8400 took place at the Waterloo plant in Iowa. Since it is a tow tractor, it is equipped withPowered by a powerful 6-cylinder turbocharged diesel engine designed and built in-house by John Deere at the Waterloo factory. This massive 8. 1-litre engine is liquid-cooled using a cooling system that requires 28. 4 liters of coolant to fill it completely from empty. The engine needs 28 liters of oil to lubricate it and keep it running at its optimum capacity. This engine produces a staggering 252 bhp.

All this power reaches the wheels through a John Deere PowerShift transmission box that has 16 forward gears and 4 reverse gears. The tractor is supported by a 4×4 MFWD 4WD chassis. Hydrostatic power steering makes handling the JD 8400 truly easy, while its hydraulic differential braking system with oil-immersed discs means you’re always in control. The massive 511 liter (135 US gallon) fuel tank allows operators to run the JD 8400 for extended periods of time without constantly taking it in for refills.

Its category 3N 3-point hitch has a maximum lift capacity of 7, 098 kg. When the tractor is fully ballasted it weighs a whopping 13, 409 kg (29, 562 lbs), but without ballast it is considerably lighter at 8, 704 kg (19, 190 lbs). Its wheelbase may seem very long at 2. 96 m (117 inches), but this is simply because the John Deere 8400 has dual wheels. If you own or operate a large tillage farm, the JD 8400 will fit you like a glove. Its massive power and dual wheels mean it will always be able to pull even the heaviest loads.

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