John Deere 8100


Tractor John Deere 8100 is a very large machine. It is part of the same series as the Tractor John Deere 8400. JD 8100 was produced during the mid and late nineties. The tractor comes in 2 different flavors; With a 4×4 MFWD 4WD chassis or a 4×2 2WD chassis. You can choose the engine that drives the tractor. Both share many of the same characteristics. Both are turbocharged and, obviously, both work with diesel fuel. Each engine has 6 cylinders and are refrigerated by liquid. The air filtration system in these engines consists of a double element paper filter combined with a vacuum cleaner to make sure not between dust or other motor particles. The main difference between both engines is that one has a displacement of 8. 1 liters while the other has a 7. 6-liter displacement. Both engines start with double 12 volt batteries produced by 1, 850 cold starting amps. The engine has an alternator of 140 amps connected to recharge these batteries when the engine is running. The maximum output power of the engines has been tested in 182 hp.

The transmission of John Deere 8100 is a Power Shift system. This total power gearbox provides JD 8100 16 progress speeds and 4 reverse. The total weight of the tractor is 8579 kg.

As John Deere 8100 is a more recent model, it comes with standard cabin. To reduce speed, this model has wet hydraulic disc brakes. The engine activates the hydraulic system of this tractor, giving the rear hitch (category 3) a maximum lifting capacity of 4717 kg (10, 400 lbs), although with an assisted elevation cylinder, this capacity can be increased to 6425 kg (14, 165 lbs). If you have ever had or even operated the JD 8100 tractor, then you can help the Tractor Review community leaving a comment from your experiences below.

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