John Deere 820


The John Deere 820 was built for 5 years at John Deere’s German plant in Mannheim, Baden-Württemberg, from 1968 to 1973. It’s not a particularly powerful tractor, rated at 32hp. The JD 820 is powered by a naturally aspirated 3-cylinder diesel engine. The 3 combustion chambers give the engine a size of 2. 5 liters. The engine uses a liquid cooling system to prevent overheating. The maximum amount of oil that the crankcase can admit is 6. 2 liters.

For the John Deere 820 you can choose between 2 transmission systems if you buy it fresh off the production line. The first is a collar-shift transmission that provides the engine with 8 gears when traveling forward and 4 gears when traveling in reverse. The other option is a sliding gear transmission. With it, the tractor has 7 forward gears and only one backwards. Since the engine is not particularly powerful, the JD 820 is built on a 4×2 2WD chassis. The fuel tank has a capacity for 62. 5 liters of diesel. Controlling everything from the loader to the rear hitch, the tractor’s hydraulic system is an open hydraulic system that requires 30 liters of hydraulic fluid to fill.

The tractor weighs 1, 814 kg. It has a height of almost 2 meters, with 1. 99 m, while its maximum width is 2. 05 m. The John Deere 820 is 135 in (3. 42 m) long and has a 74. 4 in (1. 88 m) wheelbase. This tractor is certainly well known among collectors of classics and antiques. If you see one used by a farmer today, he might see that a ROPS has been added to help improve driver safety. This can detract from the tractor’s “collector” value.

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