John Deere 7800


The tractor John Deere 7800 is a powerful piece of machinery that JD produced during the 1990s at its waterloo plant in Iowa. The production of JD 7800 lasted 4 years from ’92 until it was replaced by the John Deere 7810 in the ’96. The 7800 is propelled by a robust diesel engine, turbocharged, 6-cylinder. It is quite large, with a 7. 6-liter displacement and needs 26 liters of refrigerant for its liquid cooling system. Produces 147 hp that are transmitted to a selection of chassis to move the tractor; A 4 × 2wd chassis or optionally a 4 × 4 mfwd 4wd chassis.

The transmission of the John Deere 7800 can be chosen between a Powrquad transmission that provides 7800 16 speeds forward and 12 in reverse or a Power Shift transmission that has slightly more marches forward, 19, and the same amount of in reverse gears, 12. The fuel tank of JD 7800 is reasonably large, with capacity for 344. 4 liters of diesel, which allows it to function continuously for long periods of time without filling it. It is a fairly effective drag tractor with a powerful hitch of 3 category 3n or optionally a hitch of 3 points of category 2, while it has a good rear elevation capacity of 4048 kg (8925 lbs).

The transport weight of JD 7800 is 6309 kg (13910 lbs), but increases when it is in operation to 7058 kg (15560 lbs). The standard wheelbase of the John Deere 7800 tractor is 2. 9 m (114. 4 inches), but this distance increases if the tractor uses double wheels. Most people are very happy and satisfied with this tractor. If you have problems with him or need pieces to repair it, you can find them at the closest John Deere dealer.

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