Husqvarna RZ4621


The Husqvarna RZ4621 Zero Speaker is very similar to the Husqvarna RZ4623 Steel since both have the same 4 6-inch platform size. However, RZ 4621 has a slightly less powerful 21 hp engine. This engine is a model of the Briggs and Stratton Endurance series that is quite small with a displacement of only 0. 54 liters. This 1 cylinder engine refrigerated by air transfers power to the wheels using a Hydro-Gear Ezt hydrostatic transmission that converts the corteped in automatic. The most important thing about this transmission is that it allows the driver to control how much power each rear wheel receives independently. It is this mechanism that allows you to turn this machine in a ten cents.

The RZ4621 Husqvarna has a 13. 2-liter gas tank. Sometimes reference is made to the Zero Rz 4621 spinstress for its model number 966 65 91-01. People who buy this machine for use at home will be happy to know that it comes with a limited guarantee of 3 years. However, this 3-year limited guarantee does not apply if it is being used by a commercial operator.

The Husqvarna RZ4621 Zero Speaker is based on large rear wheels that measure 18 × 8. 5-8 (18 inches in diameter, 8. 5 inches wide, 8 inches of tire diameter) that carry most of the loadAnd they are responsible for driving the machine forward, as well as turning it. The front wheels that are barely to balance the machine and to carry the weight of the cutting platform are much smaller, measuring 11 × 4-5 (diameter of 11 inches, 4-inch width, 5-inch edge diameter). The total weight of this Husqvarna host is 263. 1 kg. This machine is the most used by commercial contractors due to the fact that it can cut up to 2. 4 acres of grass per hour, which would otherwise be wasted in most residential environments (unless, of course, you possessa huge garden). Click here to buy the RZ4621 Husqvarna.

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