John Deere 770


The John Deere 770 is a very appreciated compact utility tractor that enjoyed a long journey in the assembly chains thanks to its general utility. He began leaving the John Deere factory in Japan in 1989 and remained in production for 9 years, until 1998. It is part of a series of JD tractors that includes the John Deere 870, bigger, and the John Deere 670, moresmall, which are also compact utractor tractors.

The JD 770 is propelled by the 3TH82-RJX engine made by Yanmar. It is a natural aspiration diesel engine with 3 cylinders and a 1. 4-liter displacement. This provides a power of 23 hp. The engine is refrigerated by liquid and the cooling system needs 4. 8 liters of refrigerant to fill it completely and keep it working efficiently. On the scale, the John Deere 770 weighs 875 kg in the 2 RM version, while the 4 RM version weighs 954 kg. The tractor wheelbase is 1. 37 m (54 inches).

The tractor has a no n-synchronized sliding gear system that provides 8 marches forward, while it has 2 in reverse. The transmission system needs 15 liters of oil to completely fill. The hitch of 3 category 1 points of this compact has a rear elevation capacity of 369 kg. As JD 770 is not exactly a huge tractor, it does not consume much fuel. Therefore, the fuel tank only has capacity for 23. 8 liters of diesel. The tractor John Deere 770 has a rear and central force, which allows a mowing platform to be attached, as well as an assortment of other implements in its rear, such as the backwater John Deere 7, which has a strength of the 882 spoonkg (1945 lbs). But there is also a range of other rear implements that the 770 compact tractor can attach, such as cash blades, rear and scratch mowing platforms.

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