John Deere 2120


The Tractor John Deere 2120 was manufactured for a period of 4 years, from 1969 to 1972. The tractor was built in Germany at the John Deere plant in Mannheim, as well as in his Mexican plant. The tractor is propelled by an engine designed and manufactured by John Deere. It is an atmospheric diesel engine with a total displacement of 3. 6 liters. The engine is a 4 cylinders that prevents overheating thanks to a liquid cooling system. The engine activates the tractor wheels through 2 different transmissions. The first is a 1 6-speed transmission forward/8 back. The other gearbox option provides the tractor for half of marches; 8 To go forward and 4 to go back. The JD 2120 is only available with 4 × 2wd chassis.

The John Deere 2120 has a fuel tank with capacity for 73. 8 liters of diesel. When the new tractor was bought, you could choose between acquiring it with an open driving or cabin position. The JD 2120 engine also operates the 3-point rear hitch. This hitch has a maximum lifting capacity of 2040 kg (4498 lbs). The tractor wheelbase is 2. 18 m (86 inches). Its weight is 3, 000 kg. The rear wheels that drive the tractor forward measure each 15. 5-38 (15. 5 inches of width, 38 inches in tire diameter). The front wheels are obviously smaller, each measures 7. 5-16 (7. 5 inches wide, 16 inches in tire diameter).

The minimum rotation radius of the John Deere 2120 is 7. 4 m, while its total length is 3. 6 m (143 inches). The tractor hydraulic system that operates the rear hitch has a flow of 46. 9 liters per minute. You can check the JD 2120 filling the following form. You can also qualify your experience with him as regards general satisfaction, performance, reliability and security.

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