John Deere 730


The John Deere 730 is known as the sequel to the John Deere 720. However, this tractor had a lot of new aspects to offer its clients in terms of aesthetic improvements. The John Deere 730 would go to history books for holding the most efficient tractor record in fuel consumption for 27 years.

The production of this model began in 1958 and lasted until 1961, before interrupted. Production was carried out simultaneously in Mexico, Argentina and the United States.

The engine was designed and built by John Deere instead of resorting to an external company. The John Deere 730 has a 53 hp engine. The declared figure of the TDF is 59 hp. The fuel capacity of this model is 92. 7 liters. However, if you use LP gas, fuel storage capacity increases to 124. 9 liters. The 2-cylinder engine works mainly with gasoline. Average fuel consumption is about 17. 1 liters per hour and has a liquid cooling system. The refrigerant storage capacity is 27. 4 liters.

The JD 730 gear system is not synchronized. The tractor has 6 marches that work in the front direction along with a single reverse.

The tractor shipping weight is 6790 pounds. However, the operating weight is 7445 lbs. The weight of John Deere 730 is 9241 lbs. The wheelbase is 93. 7 inches wide. The length and width of this model is 135. 25 inches and 86, 625 inches respectively. The rear banding measures between 60 and 88 inches, while the front measures between 48 and 80 inches.

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