John Deere 7230


The John Deere 7230 is a bit larger than the John Deere 7130, but not as much as the John Deere 7330. The JD 7230 engine is a 6068HL280 Powertech designed and manufactured by JD. This engine provides the tractor for a maximum power of 135 hp. It is refrigerated by liquid by means of a cooling system that requires up to 33. 7 liters of refrigerant in the cabin model, while the system only needs 31 liters of refrigerant in the model with an open operator. The 6-cylinder engine has a 6. 8 liter displacement. The lubrication system can contain up to 19. 7 liters of oil to prevent any of the mobile parts from wear seriously.

Like many of the current tractors manufactured by JD, you can choose between several gearboxes. There are 2 power configurations that provide 16 marches forward/back or 24 marches forward/back. There is also the option of a Syncroplus transmission that provides 12 marches forward and 4 for reverse. The last option is a Syncroplus Powreverser transmission that provides the JD 7230 16 marches forward and 16 also in reverse. When buying this machine, you can choose between 3 different chassis: MFWD, 2WD and 4WD, which provide the tractor for different dimensions. The 2WD version weighs 4380 kg, while the 4WD version weighs 4650 kg.

The fuel tank of the John Deere 7230 has capacity for 207 liters of diesel. However, there is the option to expand it to 249. 8 liters. The rear jd 7230 hitch is category 2, with a safe rear lift capacity of 2683 kg. There is a premium model and another normal of this tractor, both very customizable when new, so you can always acquire one with the characteristics you want.

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