John Deere 2240


The John Deere 2240 is the same line of JD tractors that include the John Deere 2440 and the John Deere 2640 that are larger and more powerful, while the John Deere 2040 is smaller and less powerful. The JD 2240 obtains its power from a 3179DL engine manufactured by John Deere. This engine avoids overheating thanks to a liquid cooling system that admits up to 2. 6 liters of water. The total size of this 3-cylinder engine is 2. 9 liters. The engine is natural aspiration and works with diesel. Its maximum power is 50 hp. The dust and other small particles do not enter the engine thanks to a dr y-type air filter. The engine is launched using a 12 volt battery.

The John Deere 2240 tractor is supplied with 2 gearboxes to choose from. The first option is a transmission with partial gear change that provides 16 speeds forward and 8 speeds in reverse. The second option offers half, with 8 marches forward and 4 back. The rear hitch of 3 points of JD 2240 is category 2, with a maximum secure elevation capacity of 1, 017 kg. The hydraulic system is closed and has a capacity of 36 liters.

The John Deere 2240 comes standard with an open operator position, which may seem a bit strange, but it is taken into account that this machine was manufactured between 1976 and 1982, it is quite understandable. The maximum weight with a ballast of JD 2240 is 3329 kg, but without ballast, its operational weight is 2245 kg. The tractor front wheels measure 6. 5-16 (6. 5 inches of width and 16 inches in tire diameter), while the rear wheels measure 14. 9-29 (14. 9 inches of width and 29 inches in diameterof tire). If you have ever used the JD 2240, then be sure to leave a comment below to give others an idea of what you can expect from it. Try to include the implements he uses with him.

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