John Deere 7130


The crop tractor in row John Deere 7130 is available in a basic or premium model that has a lot of additional optional characteristics. The JD 7130 comes with a selection of 2 diesel engines, both manufactured by JD. The first is a 6. 8-liter 6. 8-liter PowerTech engine designed and manufactured by John Deere. This 6-cylinder engine is cooked by liquid and has a 6. 8 liter displacement. It is turbocharged and uses a double element air filter. Its total power is 155 hp. The other option is a slightly smaller 4-cylinder engine. It is a Powertech E4045HL288 engine of 4. 5 liters produced by 125 hp. The 4-cylinder engine is also fluid and uses a 1 2-volt battery to start it.

The power of the John Deere 7130 engine is transferred to the wheels through a selection of up to 4 different transmissions. These are a Sychroplus Powreverser gearbox, 2 different Powrquad gearboxes or a Syncroplus gearbox. The maximum speed that the JD 7130 can reach is 38. 8 km/h. In addition to the different transmissions available for this crop tractor in rows, you can also choose the type of chassis. There are doubl e-traction versions, double traction and double multifunction traction, which provide the tractor different lengths and axis distances.

The total capacity of the John Deere 7130 hydraulic system is 60. 2 liters and works at 200 bars. The 1 2-volt battery used to start both engines is recharged when the engine is run by an alterator of 90 amps. The JD 7130 is supplied with a hitch of 3 points of category 2. It has a maximum rear elevation capacity of 2683 kg (5915 lbs). Although many people who buy this model will opt for the model with a closed command post that will keep them hot during winter and fresh during the summer, there is also the option to buy it with an open command post.

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