Cub Cadet GTX2100


The Cub Cadet GTX2100 ride-on mower is much larger than the Cub Cadet GT2000 mower, but is quite similar to the Cub Cadet GTX2154LE mower. It is more powerful due to the fact that it has a larger engine, a 23 hp Command engine made by Kohler. This V-twin engine drives both the wheels and the deck of the mower. It is powered by a 12 volt battery that is recharged by a 25 amp alternator once the engine is running. Fortunately, using the GTX 2100 is relatively easy and straightforward. There’s no need to constantly shift gears thanks to a hydrostatic transmission that controls machine speed with foot pedals.

The Cub Cadet GTX2100 mows grass using a choice of 2 different size cutting decks. Both have a triple blade system for more efficient cutting of your grass than traditional single blade decks. The largest mower deck has a 54-inch width of cut, while the smallest has a 48-inch width of cut. All these stats may make the GTX 2100 seem like a huge machine, but the fact is that with a minimum turning radius of just 0. 46m (18in) it’s still very easy to drive, even in small gardens.

The Cub Cadet GTX2100 lawn mower is a very easy machine to operate for several reasons. The first is that it has the option of cruise control, which makes it very easy to drive if you have to mow incredibly large and open areas of grass. Another reason is that it uses EPS (Electronic Power Steering) so the operator doesn’t have to constantly wrestle with the controls to stay on course. It also has a light indicator that alerts you when you have to change the oil. Probably the best feature of the GTX 2100 mower is the hour meter, so you can accurately calculate when the mower will next need maintenance.

8 Reviews of the Cub Cadet GTX2100

good tractor but cub needs to redesign battery capacity/charging system and seat safety switch

I am very happy with the GTX 2100 tractor, which I use both for mowing the lawn in summer and for snow removal in winter. This tractor is a beast it really has more power than I need with the 23hp engine and gear shift system has handled everything I needed it to do. I have not had any issues with the mower deck or seat switch which seems to be a problem from some of the other reviews. I would buy this tractor again today.

My general experience is that it is a pos…

I bought this host in May-approximately 2012 and spend about 5, 000. We bought the 50in cover that we imagine that it would be enough for our patio of 2 acres. That was fine at the beginning, and then somewhere around 25 hours began to cut as shit. Bag in the slightest amount of high grass. My husband removed the blades and sharpened DNA balanced them. It still cuts like shit. We have to cut our garden into the 3/5 height and it is still soak. My husband removed the blades and sharpened and balanced them. Keep cutting as shit. We have to cut our garden into 3/5 height and it still stuck. The cutting platform is cleaned after each cut. All pulleys are greased. There is no reason for a $ 5000 cutter not to cut the grass efficiently. I take my husband more than 3 hours to cut the 2 acres we have. When before we took 1 hour to cut it when it worked. And that 1 hour was at 1/5 height. I have called Cub Cadet and all they want is to take it to a distributor to review it. I have no way to take it. and what they are going to do. It’s just a post. that’s all. It is not a heavyweight tractor. It is the same because Iria of Corteped that you buy in Home Depot. I don’t want it anymore and I want my money to return me …!

Very happy with this host.

It is not worth buying. In addition to the problems with the product, its customer service and technical support is terrible.

I have the same problems. I just bought the GTX 2100 yesterday and I am 45 years old, I measure 1. 70 and weight 75 kg. I contacted the technical service and the technician told me that if we weigh more I would not have this problem. The force is disconnected and my butt never gets out of the seat. The coach told me that it is obvious that I cannot handle the machine and that it should not lead it, he told me to have a good day and hung. I did not have the opportunity to tell him that I grew up on a farm, I have a CDL license, and I can operate a backhoe. A different technician is supposed to call me on Monday, September 16, 2013 for an update after talking to an engineer. Cub Cadet knows about this problem but does nothing about it.

Until now I love the GTX 2145 …… This is our first cub we have always bought deers that cost more and I would have this time, but John Deere does not seem to want customers …… I am 77 5-3 and135 pounds … No problem with the seat

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