John Deere 4255


The crop tractor in rows John Deere 4255 is part of a series of 6 crop tractors in rows that includes the tractors John Deere 4455 and John Deere 4955. This tractor ceased to occur in 1992, but thanks to its reliability and solid construction, It is still quite popular today. The JD 4255 was built in 2 factories, at the Waterloo facilities in Iowa and in the Saltillo facilities, located in Mexico. The 4255 is marketed among crop farmers in rows, but due to their ability to work with a range of implements such as the John Deere 840, it is also popular among other users.

The John Deere 4255 obtains its power from a turbocharged engine designed and manufactured by John Deere. It is a 6-cylinder liquid engine. It has a compression ratio of 16: 1 and a total displacement of 7. 6 liters. The engine has a double paper air filter through which the air admission passes first before entering the engine. The total engine power is 128 hp.

This John Deere 4255 engine operates the 3-point hitch, which is a category 2. The hitch has a maximum lifting capacity of 1, 000 kg. The hitch has a maximum lifting capacity of 2800 kg, but can be increased with a cylinder to assist elevation up to 3663 kg. The rear hitch is driven by the hydraulic system. The hydraulic system also activates the assisted direction mechanism. There is also a variant of JD 4255, the John Deere 4255 Hi Crop. The Hi Crop is practically identical except by the fact that it has a very high free height of 0. 88 m (34. 8 inches). If you are looking for a machine that is not so powerful, the tractor for crops in rows John Deere 4055 may interest you.

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