John Deere 6115D


Like the John Deere 6100D utractor tractor, the John Deere 6115D is also manufactured at the Saltillo plant, located in Mexico. Like almost all tractors recently built by the JD equipment, this machine is propelled by an engine manufactured by JD. It is a John Deere Powertech 4045H engine that produces 117 hp. The engine works with a compression ratio of 19: 1 and is refrigerated by liquid. This 4-cylinder turbocharged engine transfers the power to the wheels through a selection of 2 gearboxes, very similar to those of JD 6100D. It is a synchronized gearbox with the upper axis that provides the tractor 9 marches forward and 3 for reverse, while the Powreverser transmission provides 6115d 9 speeds when it moves forward and 9 when it goes back. The gearbox synchronized with the upper axis gives it a maximum speed of 28. 8 km/h when it moves forward, while the Powreverser gives it a maximum speed of 29. 8 km/h.

The John Deere 6115D is a large utility tractor that can drag relatively heavy loads and can accommodate quite large accessories and implements. As a result, you will often have to add weight plates to the front or back of the machine to keep it balanced. Alternatively, you can add the weights to the wheels.

The boot of the John Deere 6115D engine is made with a 12 volt battery that supplies 925 cold starting amps. This battery remains loaded thanks to an alternator of 90 amps. The weight of JD 6115D varies due to 2 factors; 1) If you get it with a cabin or only an open station of the operator with Rops. 2) If you choose a 2WD or 4WD version. The minimum rotation radius of JD 6115D is 2. 1 m in the 2WD version, while in the 4WD version it is 4. 5 m. You can get more information about this tractor on the official JD website by clicking here.

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