John Deere 6100D


The John Deere 6100D utility tractor is the smallest of JD’s 6D series. It is built at the JD plant in Saltillo, Mexico. Like many JD utility tractors, the JD 6100D is equipped with a JD designed and built PowerTech 4045T engine. It is a turbocharged 4-cylinder engine. It is powered by diesel and has a displacement of 4. 5 liters. The engine runs with a compression ratio of 17:1. Engine overheating is prevented by a liquid cooling system. The engine produces 100 hp. This engine transfers power to the wheels via a PowrReverser gearbox giving you 9 forward and reverse gears or a Top Shaft Synchronized gearbox giving you 9 forward and 3 reverse gears.

The John Deere 6100D can be purchased with an open operator station and ROPS or with a cab. There is also the option of a 2WD or 4WD model. As a result, your total weight varies depending on the configuration you choose. The minimum turning radius of the JD 6100D is 2. 1m for the 2WD model, while the 4WD model has a minimum turning radius of 4. 5m. Its wheelbase is the same for both models, being 2. 34 m (92. 5 in).

Models similar to the John Deere 6100D include the John Deere 6115D utility tractor. The maximum lift capacity for the category 2 3-point hitch is 6, 800 lbs. The fuel tank of this model has a capacity for 157. 8 liters of diesel. This tractor is often found on medium sized farms that have a number of different jobs that need to be taken care of (eg pulling, cultivating crops, feeding the animals etc) due to the wide range of implements that can be attached to it.

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