John Deere 8570


The Tractor John Deere 8570 is the smallest machine of the JD 8070 series of large articulated drag tractors. The largest models of the series are the John Deere 8770, John Deere 8870 and John Deere 8970 tractors. Although JD 8570 is the “smallest” machine in the series, it remains incredibly large. It weighs 14, 560 kg (32, 100 pounds), which is not small. The tractor wheelbase is 3. 4 m (134 inches). A tractor of this size needs large wheels to prevent sinking on the ground. All the wheels of this tractor are the same size. Each measures 18. 4-38 (18. 4 inches wide, 38 inches in diameter). You will usually see the tractor with double double wheels.

Tractor John Deere 8570 is built on a 4 × 4wd chassis. Use a turbocharged motor of John Deere to boost it forward. It is a 6 cylinder that uses a large liquid cooling system to prevent overheating. The JD 8570 liquid cooling system contains 54. 9 liters of water. The turbocharged engine has a 7. 6-liter displacement and pumps 250 hp. The engine works with a compression ratio of 15. 5 to 1. The engine is launched by 12 volt batteries. The wheels receive power through one of the two transmission systems. The first is a Powrsync of partial assisted change that offers the driver 24 marches to go forward and 6 to go back. The second option is a syncro that provides the driver 12 gears forward and 3 to go back. Both gearboxes use a wet disk hydraulic clutch to change march.

The John Deere 8570 has a hydraulic system with capacity for 143. 8 liters of hydraulic fluid. The system works at a flow of 169. 6 liters per minute (44. 8 US gallons per minute). This hydraulic system allows the thre e-point hook to have a maximum lifting capacity of 6, 794 kg.

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