Cub Cadet ZTT42


The Cub Cadet ZTT42 Zero Turn Tractor Speaker is a slightly different version from the Cub Cadet Z-Force S60LP and Cub Cadet Z-Force 48 Zero Turn Rider. This is mainly due to the shape of the ZTT 42 Speaker. To all purposes, it looks like a normal cutter tractor, but thanks to Synchro Steer technology, it has the ability to turn in a ten cents coin. Synchro Steer technology uses the steering wheel to decide which rear wheel turns faster. Thus, when you block the steering wheel to turn left, the left rear wheel stops almost completely while the right accelerates, which allows you to make a zero radius turn without destroying the grass on which you circulate. The ability to provide power independently to each rear wheel at the CUB CADET ZTT42 is possible thanks to a dual transmission Hydro Gear Ezt.

The CUB Cadet ZTT42 cadet cut42 cutting platform is 42 inches wide. The cutting platform is operated by the same engine that supplies energy to the wheels. This is a coupage engine that has been developed by Kohler. It is a monocylindrical gasoline engine that produces 18 hp. The engine starts with a 1 2-volt battery that supplies 190 cold starting amps. This battery is recharged by a regulated alternator of 15 amps.

The weight of the Cadet ZTT42 Zero Turn Tractor is 243 kg (535 lbs). This weight is supported by the front and rear wheels. The front tires measure 15 × 5 (15 inches in diameter, 5 inches wide), while the rear wheels measure 20 × 8 (20 inches in diameter, 8 inches wide). There are many fantastic accessories that are compatible with ZTT42. These range from 42 inches, doubl e-stage snow blower to Baggers, rollers, utility cars and much more.

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