John Deere 5101E


The John Deere 5101E utility tractor is one of the largest of the 5000 series of utility tractors that JD produces at its Augusta, Georgia assembly plant. From the tractor’s name, you’ve probably already guessed that the engine that powers it produces 101 bhp. This engine is designed and manufactured by JD. It is a turbocharged 4. 5 liter displacement PowerTech diesel engine. The engine is liquid cooled by a system that contains 11. 4 liters of water. Air entering the engine is first filtered through a dry-type air filter before entering the combustion chamber. The JD 5101E’s engine is started by a 12-volt battery that produces 750 cold cranking amps. This battery is recharged by a 90 amp alternator when the engine is running.

The gearbox on the John Deere 5101E utility tractor is a PowrReverser that provides the tractor with 12 forward and reverse gears. This transmission enables the JD 5101E to reach a top speed of up to 36 km/h (22. 4 mph) when driving forward and a top speed of 39. 2 km/h (24. 4 mph) when driving in reverse. The exhaust of this model is vertical and is located in front of the cabin. You can purchase a cold start kit for the JD 5202E that consists of an engine block heater and air intake pre-heater, so have no fear if you’re heading off into particularly cold climates.

At the rear of the John Deere 5101E tractor, you’ll find a Category 2 3-point hitch to which a wide range of accessories and implements can be attached. This machine is highly versatile no matter what climate you’re working in thanks to the heated cab that will keep you cool on hot days and warm on cold ones. You can check out the John Deere 5085M, John Deere 5093E, or John Deere 5095M tractors if you’re looking for something a little smaller than this.

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