Ariens Pro Zoom 52


The Ariens Pro Zoom 52 zero turn mower is little different from virtually all other Ariens ‘Zoom’ zero turn mowers. This is because instead of having a seat, the operator must stand on this machine. The Pro Zoom 52-inch mower is powered by a 20-hp Kawasaki FX-series engine. This 0. 603-litre, two-cylinder, 4-stroke engine has a power of 20 HP. Using a hydrostatic transmission, the Kawasaki engine transfers power to the wheels. This gives the mower a top speed of 14. 5 km/h forward and 7. 25 km/h in reverse. If you are looking for larger “Pro Zoom” models, you should take a look at the Ariens Pro Zoom 54 and Ariens Pro Zoom 60 zero-turn mowers. The big difference between the Pro Zoom 52 and the other 2 larger models is the fact thatthat the other 2 models have seats, while the operator needs to stand on the Pro Zoom 52.

The Ariens Pro Zoom 52″ Zero Turn Mower is also known by model number 994806. This mower has a 52″ cutting deck. The mower deck is constructed of very strong 7 gauge steel that will resist deflection much more than many of the mower decks on other ‘Zooms’ that have been built using 10 or 12 gauge steel. The mower deck has 3 bladesThey are powered by a belt drive system. The mower deck is driven by an Ogura GT1A clutch.

The fuel tank on the Ariens Pro Zoom 52-Inch Zero-Turn Mower can hold up to 26. 5 gallons of gasoline. This means that it can be used in very large areas without the need to constantly refuel. The cutting deck on this mower has 7 different positions that it can operate in ranging from 1. 5 to 4. 5 inches. The total weight of this machine is 394. 6 kg (870 lbs) and it is incredibly short, measuring only 1. 47 m (58 inches) long.

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