Ariens Zoom 50


The Ariens Zoom 50-inch zero-turn mower is a step up from smaller models in the series, like the Ariens Zoom 34 or Ariens Zoom 42 zero-turn mowers. Since the Zoom 50 has a much larger mower deck, it also has a much larger motor. This engine pumps 25hp to the wheels and deck of the mower. It is a Courage engine made by Kohler and has a size of 0. 726 liters. This 2-cylinder, 4-stroke engine is started by a Warner electric system and gives the machine a top speed of 9. 7 km/h in forward gear and 4. 8 km/h in reverse.

The dual hydrostatic transmission of the Ariens Zoom 50″ mower is very cleverly designed, as it distributes power to each rear wheel completely independently of the other wheel. This means that one rear wheel could go to reverse while the other goes to the front (this is what will allow you to steer with zero turning radius). Power to each wheel is controlled by a left and right turn bar. This means that both the speed and direction of the Ariens 50 mower are controlled by the operator’s hands.

This leaves the operator’s foot free to control the height of the mower deck on the Ariens Zoom 50″ zero-turn mower. As you should have already guessed from the machine’s name, the mower’s deck has a 50-inch width of cut. It is made of 12 gauge steel. The mower deck has 3 blades that work together to give a very fine cut to the grass you are working on. This cover can be raised and lowered in 0. 5 inch steps from 4 inches above the ground to 1 inch above the ground. If you own one of these Ariens Zoom 50 mowers, please leave a review of it below so people know what you liked and didn’t like about it.

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