John Deere 4650


The John Deere 4650 is a very large and powerful machine. It originally appeared during a production series that lasted from 1983 to 1988. However, it is still popular and is used today due to its robust construction (something we expect from JD). The JD 4650 was manufactured to replace the Tractor John Deere 4640. The 4650 has a very powerful diesel engine. This 7. 6-liter engine is turbocharged and uses a lubrication that has the capacity to house up to 19. 9 liters of oil. The engine works with a compression ratio of 15. 8: 1. The liquid cooling system that prevents the engine from hot is too large, with capacity for 30. 3 liters of water. The engine starts with 2 6 volt batteries. These batteries are recharged by an alternator of 72 amps (or an alternator of 90 amps on the tractor with the operator’s cabin).

The engine feeds the closed hydraulic system of the John Deere 4650. This system works with a flow of 157 bars (2277 psi). The rear hitch operated by the hydraulic system has a maximum secure elevation capacity of 3844 kg (8475 lbs). It is a hitch of 3 points of category 3. The engine transmits the power to the wheels using one of the 2 gearboxes. One is a JD Quad-ngege gearbox that uses a wet disk clutch perma-clutch to change march. The Quad-ngege transmission provides the 16 speeds in advance and 6 in reverse. The other gearbox option is a Power Shift unit that provides JD 4650 15 gears forward and 4 backward. The maximum tractor speed is 31. 7 km/h forward and 20. 4 km/h back.

There are other 5 0-series series tractors similar to the John Deere 4650. Among them are included the John Deere 4250 and John Deere 4450 tractors, as well as the John Deere 4850, larger.

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