John Deere 155C


The John Deere 155C Specker is one of the largest “100” series that was manufactured only during the year 2006. Like the other models of the series “100”, the entire production of the JD 155C was carried outin its Horicon plant in Wisconsin. The engine that drives this reaper is quite large. It is a Vicilindrical engine of 0. 725 liters (44 cubic inches), 2 cylinders and natural aspiration. The engine has a power of 25 hp, which allows to cut without problems even very long and humid grass. The engine is air cooled and needs to be filled with 1. 8 liters of motor oil (empty) to stay correctly lubricated.

The John Deere 155C cut platform is not as large as one might think for a machine with a 25 hp engine. The cutting width is only 48 inches wide. This platform of the cortesped can sit between 1 inch and 4 inches on the earth and can be adjusted in . 5 increments. If you are looking for the walk less scope in the same series in the same series, then you should check the 135 John Deere Specker or the JOHN Deere Corteped 145. However, if what you are looking for is something bigger, you may be interested in the JOHN Deere 190C.

Thanks to its tumff torq hydrostatic transmission, the John Deere 155C is automatic, which means that it is not necessary to change the march. Instead, you just have to use the progress or reverse pedal to change speed or direction. Obviously, the main purpose of the JD 155C is to cut the grass, however, there are also a good number of attachments that is compatible with. You can a 4 6-inch John Deere snow sheet or you can add a Snowblower of the John Deere 44 inches 2 inches to clean the snow road during the winter. So if you decide to buy this model you will find that it is more than a corteped, it is actually very versatile.

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