Ariens Zoom XL 42


The Ariens Zoom XL 4 2-inch Tour Zero Small is the smallest of the Ariens Zoom XL series. It is also known as Ariens 915163. The largest models of the range are the Ariens Zoom XL 48 and the Ariens Zoom XL 54. As will have already guessed, the Zoom XL42 cutting platform has a 4 2-inch cutting width. The Platform of the Corteped is made of resistant steel 10. It also has a series of small plastic wheels in the front of the platform. The purpose of these is to prevent the cutting platform from being able to hit any irregular terrain on which it moves, keeping the platform constantly floating on the ground. The platform can be adjusted from a height of 4. 5 inches to a minimum of 1. 5 inches above the ground through 7 different cutting heights.

The Ariens Zoom XL 42 obtains its power of a 2-cylinder kawasaki engine. This 4-stroke engine has a displacement of 0. 726 liters and a power of 22 hp. The engine starts with a 12 volt battery using an electric Warner system. The fuel is supplied to this Kawasaki engine from a gas tank with capacity for 14. 4 liters of gasoline. The engine comes with a 3-year warranty when buying the new XL42 zoom.

The Ariens Zoom XL 42 ″ spectacés comes with a comfortable high backup seat that will allow the operator to use the machine for long periods of time without feeling too uncomfortable. To treat grass cuts, the operator has 3 different options. The first and easiest is simply downloading them on the side of the cutting platform. If you do not want to do it, you can buy an optional crusher to cut the cuts into a fine mulch. Or if you prefer, you can buy a rear tidner to collect all cuts.

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