John Deere 4520


The John Deere 4520 actually refers to 2 different John Deere tractors. The original is the first John Deere tractor model to include a turbocharger as standard. This was necessary as the JD 4520 was (and still is) used primarily as a workhorse, pull tractor. The most modern model is the 4520 compact tractor. This article will cover both tractors. First the original tractor, then the newer compact tractor.

The Original – The original John Deere 4520 was built at the Waterloo plant in Iowa for just one year, from 1969 to 1970. During this time, more than 7, 500 units were produced. All came standard with a 123hp John Deere 6-cylinder diesel engine. It had a displacement of 6. 6 liters and, as already stated, it was turbocharged. The engine has a liquid cooling system that requires 26. 5 liters of coolant to function properly. The power produced by the engine is transmitted through various transmissions. The first is the partially synchronized Syncro-Range transmission, which gives you 8 forward and 2 reverse gears. The other option is the Power Shift transmission, which provides 8 forward gears and 4 reverse gears. The top speed the original John Deere 4520 can reach is 21 mph. You can choose between a Category 2 and Category 3 3-point hitch. With such a powerful tractor, you’d be right to assume that it’s also heavy. Once ballasted, the John Deere 4520 weighs 8, 162 kg.

The new model – The new John Deere 4520 is a compact tractor of 60 CV. Its engine is John Deere’s own manufacture and it is a 4-cylinder PowerTech model with four-wheel drive as standard. The new model comes with the option of a ComfortGard cab or roll bar only. In addition to having a rear PTO as standard, the new JD 4520 also comes with the option of a center PTO that will allow you to attach a center-mounted mower deck up to 72 inches wide for mowing large areas. Obviously, as this is a compact, you also have the option of additional attachments and attachments such as a front end loader, box blade, brush, harrow, snow thrower/throwers, as well as many more.

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