New Holland 51CS Snow Blower


The New Holland 51CS Snow Blower Attachment is very similar to the New Holland 50CS Snow Blower. The only difference is the cleaning width. The cleaning width of the 51 CS is 2. 5 cm greater than that of the 50CS. However, it is also slightly taller and heavier. The 51 CS snow thrower has a clearing height of 0. 56m (22in), allowing it to tackle much deeper drifts compared to its little brother.

The New Holland 51CS snow shovel weighs 209. 6 kg. Once attached to the front of your New Holland tractor, you may lose some traction on slippery and snow-covered terrain. To counteract this, simply add some ballast to the rear of the tractor. The 51CS’ 51CS’s toothed steel auger has a 0. 36 m (14 in) diameter that easily shreds heavily packed snow and ice. An 18-inch (0. 46 m) diameter impeller then sucks the snow into the chute. The impeller is made up of 4 blades.

The New Holland 51CS snow blower’s parachute is normally manually controlled, which can be a bit of a pain if it’s freezing outside. But you can optionally upgrade to an electric or hydraulically controlled dump. This dual stage snow blower uses a quick release system so you can start it at any time. This model also comes with the option of a drift cutter for when you’re tackling down that’s incredibly deep. You also have the option of purchasing the 51CS with a 3-part chute that allows you to more precisely control how the snow is dumped.

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