John Deere 445


A lawn tractor plays an important role in the general maintenance of a lawn. Although, small lawns do not require a tractor, it is a must for people to make use of a tractor to maintain large lawns. Lawn care has become a comfortable affair since the manufacture of decent lawn care tractors began. Most public lawns use tractors for their maintenance.

The John Deere 445 is one of many lawn tractors made by the JD team. John Deere has had a rich history of building quality tractors. They have made a name for themselves in almost every segment like agriculture, garden, lawn, etc. The fact that they continue to evolve and develop new models shows that they will always be a force to be reckoned with.

John Deere began manufacturing this model in 1992. Production lasted 10 years, until it was discontinued in 2001. It was in Horicon, United States, where all production took place.

The engine for this model was made by Kawasaki and the engine model is FD602D. It is a 22 hp engine. The fuel capacity of the John Deere 445 is almost 25 liters and the engine runs on gasoline. With such a high fuel capacity, the tractor is capable of serving massive lawns without ever worrying about needing a top-up. The engine is 2 cylinders. The coolant capacity is almost 3 liters and the oil capacity is 1. 5 liters.

The JD 445 has a hydrostatic transmission. One of the features of this model is the fact that it has infinite reverse gear, as well as forward gears.

The John Deere 445 gained a lot of popularity for its performance capabilities. This model has great functions. The blade on this tractor is known for its smooth yet powerful grass-cutting ability. The efficient blade also ensures that the grass is cut evenly for the most uniform looking lawn possible.

The JD 445 is used by many sports grooms to maintain grounds. The fact that this model requires very little maintenance makes it a real favorite among lawn care tractors.

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