John Deere LX280


Like the John Deere LX277 mower, there are 2 versions of the John Deere LX280. The regular version and the John Deere LX280AWS which is a four wheel steer model. The main differences between the regular model and the AWS model is their weight (although many of their dimensions are quite different as well). The weight of the regular JD LX280 is 220kg, while the JD LX280AWS is much higher at 254kg. However, pretty much everything else is very similar. The only difference between the 2 models is that, thanks to its four-wheel steering, the John Deere LX280AWS is much more manoeuvrable in tight areas where you could be confined if you were using the normal model.

The John Deere LX280 measures 1. 7 m (67 inches), however the John Deere LX280AWS is slightly longer, measuring 1. 77 m (70 inches) long. Both versions of the JD LX280 are highly regarded by professional landscape contractors and landscape contractors due to the fact that they come with cruise control as standard. This means you don’t have to work as hard when cutting grass on playgrounds and parks. Plus, both have hydrostatic transmission, so you never have to change gear. Instead they use John Deere’s Twin Touch technology which means you only have 2 pedals, one for forward and one for reverse, easy!

If you look for the John Deere LX280 serial number, you’ll find it just in front of the footboard on the right hand side of the machine. Many people like the John Deere LX280 mower because it is so versatile. It is not only used for mowing the lawn, but can also be attached to a front blade or snow blower to clear snow from the road.

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