John Deere 4310


The John Deere 4310 is a compact tractor manufactured by John Deere for 2 years, from 2002 until it stopped being manufactured in 2004. It was the new version of 4300. This interesting compact has a Yanmar 3TNE84 3-cylinder diesel engine with natural aspiration and a1. 5-liter displacement that gives it a maximum power of 31 hp. Its liquid cooling system requires 5. 7 liters of refrigerant. The transmission of JD 4310 is a partially synchronized Syncshift transmission that offers 3 speeds in reverse and 9 speeds running forward. The transmission oil capacity is 23. 8 liters. All John Deere 4310 were built in Augusta, Georgia.

Its direct fuel injection system is very favored by people who use this tractor in colder climates, since it allows easier start. The EMATCH operating system that comes with this tractor is very practical, since it controls the engine to divert the power where it is most needed based on the task that is being performed. It also has the advantage of Etouch pedals that allow to easily control the power and braking with much less effort than in the previous compact models of John Deere. A complaint that many people have with much older tractors is that if you run out of fuel (and it is a diesel like John Deere 4310) most likely you have damaged the engine. Fortunately John Deere has remedied this with his automatic purge system, so if he runs out of fuel, all he has to do is add more and ready!

The John Deere 4310 measures 2. 97 m (117 inches) of length and 1. 72 m (68 inches) of width, although this will obviously increase if he decides to add a cutting platform mounted in the center. The total weight of this compact tractor is 1179 kg for the 2 RM model, while the 4 RM version weighs 1315 kg. There are also a large number of accessories and implements available for this compact, from quittings and pitchers to mowing platforms and discs.

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