Cub Cadet CC46ES


The sel f-propelled cadet CC46es host is a step forward with respect to the CUB Cadet CC500 and Cub Cadet CC550. This is due to a series of reasons, but especially due to the change in the size of the cutting platform in CC 46 it is. The cu t-off platform has a 2 1-inch cut width and is made of steel to avoid deviations. It is an fron t-wheel drive machine that is driven by its Cub Cadet engine that has a displacement of 0. 173 liters. This engine can be started using the traction cable, the setback system or by an electrical start system.

Unlike other Cub Cadet cadet, the wheels of the CCC46 Cub Cu46s are all of the same size, 0. 2 m (8 inches). These wheels are not inflatable and are much less soft than the wheels of the Cub Cadet cadet. Instead they are hard rubber with industrial threads. The borrower coupled to the rear of CC 46 is capable of containing up to 2. 5 grass bushes. But if you do not want to use a borrow, you can always simply crush the cuts or download them by the side in place.

The CC46 Cadet CuC46 cut platform can be raised from 2. 5 cm to 7. 5 cm above the ground in 9 different increases, which allows the operator to always obtain the cutting height you want. The handle bars on CC 46 are are folding that means that after you have finished using it, you can reduce your size for storage. In general, you will find that this sel f-propelled host is very suitable for cutting caps of up to 1 credit accre. Anything bigger than this, however, will probably require a walk in the tractor host.

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