John Deere 335


The John Deere 335 spectacés is the largest version of the John Deere 325. Consequently, the JD 325 has a much larger engine, it is a 2-cylinder ai r-cooled kawasaki engine. This 0. 675 liter engine uses a paper and foam air filter to prevent dust and other pollutants from entering the combustion chamber. The output power of this engine is 20 hp. The engine power reaches the wheels through a hydrostatic transmission that provides the machine for an infinite number of marches when moving forward or backwards, which makes the 325 an automatic machine. The maximum speed of this corteped is 11. 3 km/h. A 13 amps alternator is used to recharge the 1 2-volt battery once the engine is running.

The fuel tank of the John Deere 335 can contain up to 13. 2 liters of gasoline, which means that very few spare parts are needed during a full day of operation. The JD 325 weighs 294 kg, which may seem a bit heavy for a JD host. This John Deere Specker measures 1. 83 m long, without any accessory. The wheelbase is 1. 21 m (48 inches). The rotation radius of the corteped is 0. 6 m, so unfortunately it is not as agile as other JD hostages.

The production of John Deere 335 ended in 2001, 2 years after his presentation. The garden cortesped tractor that took the reins of JD 335 is the John Deere GX335, which shares many of the characteristics of its predecessor. There are also a number of accessories that are compatible with the John Deere 225 including snow blowers, front blades, embolizers, scarifiers, stands, scrapers and much more. If you have a 335 and would like others to know what they should expect from it, then please leave a comment below indicating the pros and cons of it, as well as the modifications or accessories / implements that are used in it.

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