John Deere 3032E


The John Deere 3032E compact tractor is one of the smallest models of the 3000 series of JD compact tractors. However, there is a smaller model available. This is the John Deere 3005 Compact Utractor Tractor. The 3032E JD tractor obtains its power from a 3-cylinder Yanmar Diesel engine. Its model number is 3TNV88. The engine has a total volume (displacement) of 1. 6 liters. It is diesel and natural aspiration. The engine works with a 19: 1 compression ratio. The lubrication system is totally pressurized to provide adequate lubrication in times of intense use. The engine uses a dr y-type air filter to clean the air inlet before the engine. The liquid cooling system used to prevent the engine from heating too much has a capacity of up to 4. 2 liters of water.

The power transfer of the John Deere 3032E engine to the wheels is performed by pressing the Twin Touch pedals. This makes the JD 3032E automatic and, therefore, very easy to use. Hydrostatic transmission offers the operator the possibility of choosing between long or short marches. The maximum speed offered by this transmission is 20 km/h when it moves forward, while reverse is considerably slower. The engine is launched using a 12 V battery that provides 500 cold starting amps.

The braking of the John Deere 3032E is relatively simple thanks to the wet disc brakes. Although it is a very small tractor for John Deere, assisted direction has been included, which facilitates its management. Do not forget that it is an incredibly versatile machine thanks to a wide range of accessories, from front loaders to backhoes and snow blowers. If you are looking for a slightly more powerful model, you may be interested in the John Deere 3038E garden tractor.

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