John Deere 3020


Tractor John Deere 3020 is a larger version of the John Deere 2020 tractor. There is a selection of 4 engines that come standard with the JD 3020. The 4 engines have been manufactured by JD and its displacement ranges between 3. 7 and 4 liters. The four engines are 4-cylinder models. Its fuel varies from gasoline to diesel and LP gas depending on the engine. The 4 engines use a liquid cooling system to avoid engine overheating. All engines are starting per key. The engine drives the 3020 wheels through 2 different transmission systems. The first is a partially synchronized Syncro-Russ transmission that provides the tractor 8 marches forward and 2 backwards, with a maximum speed of 28. 2 km/h.

The other transmission option of the John Deere 3020 tractor is a completely synchronized gearbox ‘Power Shift’ that provides 8 marches to go forward and 4 to go back. This configuration of the gearbox provides the tractor for a maximum speed of 26. 4 km/h forward. The JD 3020 fuel tank has capacity for 109. 8 liters. The management system is assisted to facilitate its use and the hydraulic system can contain up to 17 liters. Tractor speed control is performed using a differential hydraulic disc brake system.

The rear hitch of 3 points of the John Deere 3020 is category 2, which allows you to work with a wide range of implements and accessories (just remember first). The maximum weight weighing of this tractor is 4, 347 kg. The length of JD 3020 without implements is 3. 51 m (138. 5 inches). Its width is 2. 27 m (89. 6 inches). The front wheels measure 6. 5-16 (6. 5 inches wide, 16 inches in tire diameter) while the rear wheels measure 15. 5-38 (15. 5 inches wide, 38 inches of tire diameter). If you have ever had or used this tractor, please leave your opinion on it below in a review.

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