John Deere 2940


The John Deere 2940 utractor tractor obtains its power from an engine designed and manufactured by JD. This engine is fed by diesel and liquid cooled with a cooling system with capacity for 18. 9 liters of water. The engine is a model of atmospheric 6 cylinders with a total displacement of 5. 9 liters. The engine is starting per key and comes with a gearbox John Deere Tss Hi-lo. This HI-LO TSS gearbox provides the JD 2940 for a total of 16 speeds in advance and 8 speeds in reverse. The fuel tank of this tractor may contain a maximum of 125. 9 liters.

The John Deere 2940 comes standard with an open driving post. However, you can optionally get a cabin for him if you live in an area that achieves quite hard atmospheric conditions. The JD 2940 comes with a set of mois t-differential hydraulic disc brakes to control its speed. The standard chassis is a 4 × 2wd, but there is the option of a 4×4 MFWD 4WD chassis. The tractor front wheels, responsible for the direction, measure each 10-16 (10 inches of width, 16 inches in tire diameter), while the rear wheels measure 18. 4-24 (18. 4 inches of width, 24 inches in tire diameter). Its wheelbase is 2. 58 m (101. 6 inches).

The John Deere 2940 utractor tractor is the largest in the JOHN DEERE 2040 Utractor Series. The smallest models of the series include the John Deere 2440 and John Deere 2640 tractors. If you have ever used this tractor or even ownedOne, the Tractor Review community would love to know from you. You can leave a review of your experiences below. Try to maintain its balanced review, including both the good and bad aspects found on JD 2940.

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