John Deere 8640


The John Deere 8640 drag tractor is a very large machine of the Iron Horse of tractors. This machine has a very large engine that produces a massive 275 hp. It is a diesel engine that JD designed and built at home. The engine is 6 cylinders and is refrigerated by liquid by means of a system that contains up to 45. 4 liters of water. The JD engine works with a compression ratio of 15. 2: 1. The engine uses a double element air filter for air admission to prevent dust and other small particles from entering combustion chambers that can affect engine performance. The displacement of this turbocharged engine is 10. 1 liters. It starts with two 12 volt batteries.

The engine operates the John Deere 8640 wheels passing the engine power through a John Deere gearbox of four ranges. This gearbox provides the operator 16 marches forward and 6 for reverse. The driver changes march through a wet disk hydraulic clutch. The maximum tractor speed forward is 32. 5 km/h, while reversing is 21. 7 km/h. The JD 8640 is specifically built as a drag tractor on an articulated chassis 4×4 4WD. Use very reliable hydraulic humid disc brakes to reduce speed.

The rear hitch (category 3/3n) of the John Deere 8640 is enormously powerful. It has a rear lift capacity of 3876 kg (8545 lbs). This hitch is operated by the closed hydraulic system that has a capacity of 136. 3 liters (36 US gallons). The hydraulic system has a valve flow of 124. 9 liters per minute (33 US gallons per minute). If he likes the JD 8640 tractor, but he needs something a little smaller, then he should take a look at John Deere 8440. The 8640 was replaced by the tractor John Deere 8650.

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