John Deere 2800


The John Deere 2800 tractor is the second largest of the 2000 series. It began production and went on sale in 1993. The tractor is powered by a turbocharged diesel engine. It is a 4-cylinder engine that has a total displacement of 4. 2 liters. The engine has a dry-type air cleaner that prevents dust and other particles from being drawn into the combustion chambers, where they have the potential to clog and even damage them. The power output of this engine is 100 hp.

Power from the John Deere 2800 engine is transferred to the wheels via 2 different gearboxes. The first provides the JD 2800 with 16 forward speeds and 4 reverse speeds. The other transmission option gives you 8 speeds forward and 8 for reverse. The engine drives the wheels of the tractor, but it also drives the hydraulic system responsible for power steering and the rear hitch. The rear hitch is category 2 and can work with a wide range of different implements. A front loader can also be attached, increasing the range of tasks it can perform.

The John Deere 2800 tractor has a transport weight of 1451 kg. It is available with 2WD or 4WD MFWD, depending on your preferences. It also comes with the option of an open cab or operator station. If you like, love or hate the JD 2800, you can let others know by leaving a review about your experience with it. All you have to do is fill out the form below and rate your overall satisfaction with it, as well as its performance, safety, and reliability. Try to cover both your good and bad points so potential buyers have a good general idea of what to expect.

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