John Deere 2550


The John Deere 2550 tractor is part of the same series of machines that also includes the John Deere 2150 and John Deere 2350 tractors. This is the 2050 series of compact utility tractors that were designed and built throughout the 1980s. The tractors were built primarily at John Deere’s Mannheim plant in Germany. The JD 2550 has a fuel tank with a capacity of 90. 8 liters. This reservoir feeds the engine, which is a 4-cylinder made by John Deere. The engine is naturally aspirated and is kept cool by a liquid cooling system with a capacity of 12. 9 liters of coolant. The engine runs with a compression ratio of 17. 4 to 1. It features a dual element paper air filter to prevent harmful contaminants from entering the combustion chambers. The 3. 9 liter engine has a maximum power of 65 hp.

The engine drives the wheels of the John Deere 2550 through one of two gearbox options. The first is a partially synchronized John Deere Top-Shaft Synchronized transmission that provides the operator with 8 speeds in forward and 4 in reverse. The maximum speed of the tractor with this gearbox is 27. 3 km/h. The other gearbox option offers the operator twice as many gears, 16 forward and 8 reverse. The gearbox is a part power, JD Hi-Lo Top Shaft Synchronized gearbox which gives the JD 2550 a top speed of 28. 6 km/h (17. 8 mph).

The John Deere 2550 tractor’s engine is also responsible for powering the hydraulic system which, in turn, powers the rear hitch (category 1/2) as well as a front loader attachment. The hydraulic system is of the closed center type and has a valve flow rate of 49. 2 liters per minute (13 US gallons per minute) and operates at a pressure of 158. 6 bar (2300 psi). This system provides the rear hitch with a maximum lift capacity of 1240 kg (2735 lbs).

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