John Deere 111


It is important that you go with a good tractor manufacturer instead of going with some brand that does not have the most amazing reputation. In the world of tractor manufacturing, John Deere is the name that immediately comes to mind.

The John Deere 111 is one of the tractor models manufactured by the company. This model belongs to the segment of lawn mowers. Production of this model began in 1979 and continued through 1985. As is the case with most lawn tractors produced by John Deere, the JD 111 also came at a reasonable price. Its price was $2, 100.

Like most other tractors made under the John Deere brand, this model also lived up to user expectations and had some very nice features. The John Deere 111 has a fuel capacity of 2. 5 US gallons (9. 5 liters). This model is also known for being one of the lightest in its segment in terms of weight. His weight is 470 lbs. As it falls in the turf segment, this John Deere has a comparatively lower engine power of 11 HP. However, it is good enough to offer great performance when cutting grass.

The engine of this tractor has been manufactured by Briggs and Stratton. Like most other John Deere tractors, this one also runs on gasoline. The JD 111 has a 1-cylinder engine. One of the highlights of this model is that it has an electric start, making it easy for the user to operate.

This tractor is equipped with 1 reverse gear and 5 forward gears. The John Deere 111 was one of the first tractors made that didn’t require stopping to shift front gears, making for a smoother mowing experience. The only time it is necessary to stop is when using reverse gear. The model has a 4*2 2WD chassis. From the beginning of its production and sale, the John Deere 111 has been able to perform immensely well as a lawn tractor. Even today, this model is preferred over many others. However, due to the cessation of production of this model, you only have the option of buying it as a second-hand mower.

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