John Deere 1650


The John Deere 1650 is a mediu m-sized tractor. While its shipping weight is 2100 kg for the 2 RM version, its operating weight is 2426 kg when it is fully loaded with fuel and oil. However, with the addition of ballast, its maximum safe operating weight amounts to 3531 kg (7785 lbs). The wheelbase of the tractor is nothing out of the ordinary, since it is 2. 1 m (82. 8 inches). The wheels are also quite standard. The front wheels of the JD 1650 measure each 6. 5-16 (6. 5 inches of width, 16 inches in tire diameter), while the rear wheels measure 16, 9-28 (16. 9 inches of width, 28inches in tire diameter).

The engine that propels the tractor John Deere 1650 is a Turboalted Diesel of Yanmar. This engine is 4 cylinders. Use a double element air filter to catch dust and particles that, otherwise, would be aspirated by air intake and enter the engine, where they could damage it. The engine is cooled by liquid by means of a system that contains up to 10. 5 liters of water. The engine is quite efficient, since it only consumes 12. 6 liters per hour. The engine works with a compression ratio from 18 to 1 and has a total displacement of 3. 1 liters. The engine lubrication system has capacity for 12 liters of motor oil.

The motor of the tractor motor John Deere 1650 reaches the wheels thanks to a transmission of sliding gears. This gearbox offers the operator a 9-speed range to move forward, but only 3 to back down. The maximum speed of the tractor in advance is 25. 6 km/h. Unfortunately, JD 1650 does not come with standard cabin, it only has an antivuelco bar. Although it can be seen that in some machines improvised cabins have been built.

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