John Deere 1600


The John Deere 1600 is the largest, most bad and more powerful John Deere Specked. It looks more like a tractor than a corteped. The engine that drives the JD 1600 is a Yanmar model that produces incredible 57. 3 hp. This engine has a cylindrated of 1, 995 liters and is refrigerated by liquid by means of a system that requires 7. 5 liters of water to completely fill it. It also has a totally pressurized lubrication system that keeps the engine greased throughout the operation. The double element air filter maintains the outdoor inlet of particles that can obstruct the engine.

The John Deere 1600 uses a TUFF Torq hydrostatic transmission that makes it automatic with pedal controlled speed. Use internal humid disc brakes for rapid and controlled deceleration. The Yanmar Diesel engine of the JD 1600 spectacle is started by a 12 volt battery that provides the 650 cold starting amps to the engine. This battery is recharged through a 55 amps alternator. Thanks to its assisted address, 1600 is very easy to control in injured land.

The maximum cutting width of the John Deere 1600 is 128 inches, but it can be adjusted to 94 inches or even 62 inches removing the lateral platforms. All cutting platforms are built in 7 caliber steel for greater resistance and durability. The cutting platform can be lowered up to 1 inch above ground level and up to 5. 5 inches above the ground, giving it a very large range of 4. 5 inches. The “float” cutting platform so that it follows the contours of the land on which it moves, providing a very uniform cut even when working on the grass with many undulations and mounds. If the JD 1600 is too large for their needs, the John Deere 1545 or John Deere 1565 spectacles are smaller but similar design.

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