Ariens Max Zoom 48


The Zero Ariens Max Zoom 48 inches. The 2 largest models in the series are the Zero Ariens Max 52 and Ariens Max Zoom 60. Fr. This engine is a 2-cylinder and 4-stroke monster that pumps 24 hp from a displacement of 0. 726 liters. This engine transfers the power to the wheels (remember that they are the rear wheels) through a hydrostatic transmission that allows it to control the speed and direction of each rear wheel regardless of the other rear wheel. It is this action that allows this machine to execute radio zero turns.

The maximum speed of the zero gyroid cuts max zoom 48 ″ is 12. 9 km/h forward, while backing can reach 6. 4 km/h. The Max Zoom 48 fuel tank has capacity for 27. 6 liters of gasoline. This means that this machine is perfect for large areas, such as parks and game fields, since it allows the operator for many hours of continuous operation before having to fill it.

The cutting platform of the Ariens Max Zoom 48 ″ is manufactured in 10 caliber welded steel. The cutting platform consists of 3 small blades. These blades are engaged by a belt transmission system. The platform is coupled by an OGura GT1A electrical clutch. We hope you have already guessed that the platform has a 4 8-inch cutting width. It can be raised and down in 9 different positions, from 1 inch above the ground to 5 inches above the ground.

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