Cub Cadet GTX1054


The Cub Cadet GTX1054 mower is the ‘mac daddy’ of the Cub Cadet 1000 series. It has a huge Courage engine made by Kohler. This V-twin engine produces a powerful 27 horsepower that makes mowers like the Cub Cadet LX1040 and Cub Cadet SLTX1054 seem dwarfed by comparison. The engine transfers power to the wheels through a hydrostatic drive system. This is very well designed for users of the GTX 1054, as it means it’s automatic and they don’t need to constantly fiddle with a gear stick when they want to accelerate or brake.

The Cub Cadet GTX1054 is very durable for a number of reasons. The front axle is constructed of cast iron so the chances of it breaking are minimal. The mower deck is also very strong thanks to the fact that 11 gauge steel has been used in its construction. The mower deck on the GTX 1054 has a 54-inch width of cut, although it’s actually much wider than this due to its discharge flap located on the side of the deck. Instead of using one large blade on this deck, there are 3 smaller blades that work more efficiently to cut your grass. The mower deck can be fine-tuned in 0. 25-inch increments. The mower deck also uses QuickAttach technology that allows you to mount or dismount in a matter of seconds.

Because Cub Cadet is a big company, they have also expanded the selection of attachments that can be attached to it for other jobs around your garden or yard. There is a front mounted snow blower as well as aerators, sprayers, rollers, dethatchers, carts and hoppers. Don’t forget that the GTX 1054 comes with cruise control as standard.

6 Reviews of the Cub Cadet GTX1054

I have been very happy with this unit, it is very stable on side hills, cuts very fast, lots of power. It wades through tall grass with no problem.

It’s a god awful, worthless, disappointing excuse for a lawn mower. It’s the worst thing you’ll ever wear.

A complete garbage. I will never buy a Cub Cadet product again. You will regret it if you do too.

it’s cheap made bad design

1. BELLS OF THE PLATFEPED PLATFORM – 4 times 2. The use 5. The front wheel fell during use 6. Replacement battery 6. Substituted battery 7. I had to weld the elevation supports of the platform 8. I had to replace the battery. 9. Added Extension tube for oil change 10. mistreated more than once. 11. 11. The screws of the pulley cover of the cutting platformFrom the spectacle jump. It still jumps a couple of times every week. 13. 13. With a new battery and boot engine, I can barely get the cutter to turn quickly enough to start.

14. 14. The yellow color is still a bit too orange, it needs to be a little more yellow, like a real lemon.

And I may have forgotten other things about this piece of shit.

Your good Mowr but you need to get the warrenty extended or get a pulley kit before you might. replace the guide and spring of the pulley and functions as a champion. Im a little dissapoINted but not total and off. It has some kinks that the need worked out but so does everything when you first get it.

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