Husqvarna P-ZT6128


The Husqvarna P-ZT6128 Zero Turn Mower is one of the newer models of zero turn mowers from the Husqvarna team. Similar models include the Husqvarna PZ5426FX which is slightly smaller, both in terms of power and width of cut, while the Husqvarna P-ZT6128 mower has the same width of cut but is slightly more powerful. The engine that powers both the wheels and the deck of the P-ZT6128 mower is a 28 HP Commercial Turf engine designed and manufactured by the well known engine manufacturer Briggs & Stratton. This engine has a displacement of 0. 81 liters and is air-cooled. The engine has an oil capacity of 1. 9 liters. The fuel tank of this mower can hold up to 41. 6 liters of gasoline, which allows it to be used continuously for many hours before having to refuel.

The Husqvarna P-ZT6128 zero-turn mower uses a ZT 3400 dual hydrostatic transmission to transfer power from the Briggs and Stratton engine to the wheels. The engine also transfers power to the mower deck, which is engaged by an electric clutch. The mower deck is quite large, with a 61-inch width of cut. The platform can be raised more than 4 inches, from a minimum of 1. 5 inches above the ground to a maximum of 5. 5 inches above the ground in 0. 25-inch increments. The cutting deck of the P-ZT6128 consists of 3 small blades instead of 1 large one, as it is more efficient.

The Husqvarna P-ZT6128 comes with a folding roll bar (ROPS) that gives you more storage options. The high back vinyl seat of the PZT 6128 offers great comfort and support to the driver during long working hours. One of the great advantages that you will find in this model is a digital hour meter that allows you to know precisely when you need to take it to the shop.

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